Tech Support Policy & Procedure

E2D provides 6 months of technical support and eligible computer repairs, for clients participating in the E2D program beginning on date of distribution.

For technical support or computer repair, please call or email:



Computer Repair Procedures

Computers can be accepted for repairs at the following locations and times.  A computer repair sheet, available at the drop location, must be completed and attached to the laptop.

  • E2D Office & Lab – Cornelius

18605 Northline Drive, Suite A1, Cornelius, NC 28601

Hours:    *    Monday – Thursday

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

*Please call in advance of coming to the office or if you need to schedule an alternate time.


  • E2D Re-Image CLT Lab at West Charlotte High School

Front Office

2219 Senior Drive, Charlotte, NC 28216

Hours:        Monday – Wednesday

7:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Please allow up to 2 weeks for all repairs.  You will be contacted by phone and/or email when your computer is ready to be picked up.  You can get your computer at the same location where it was dropped off during the same hours or operation.