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Please enter your lemonade stand location HERE.


Below is a list of E2D lemonade stand locations that will be held during the month of May. Be sure to visit a lemonade stand in your community and support E2D’s mission to end the digital divide! 


Date             CMS School                                      Location

5/1/2017      Albemarle Road Elementary                Albemarle Road Elementary, 7800 Riding Trail Rd., Charlotte, NC
5/20/2017   Barringer Academic Center                  Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church 1117 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC
5/30/2017   Briarwood Elementary                           Briarwood Academy, 1001 Wilann Drive
5/6/2017      Cornelius Elementary                             Smithville Community Park, 19018 Smith Circle, Cornelius, NC
5/6/2017      Cotswold Elementary                              CMPD – Providence Division, 715 N Wendover Rd, Charlotte, NC
5/3/2017      Croft Community School                       Croft Community School, 4911 Hucks Rd., Charlotte, NC
5/19/2017    Crown Point Elementary                       Crown Point Elementary, 3335 Sam Newell Rd.
5/18/2017    David Cox Elementary                            David Cox Elementary, 4215 David Cox Rd.
5/6/2017      Davidson Elementary                             Davidson Elementary, 635 South St., Davidson, NC
5/6/2017      Davidson Elementary                             Dance Davidson/Post Office, Davidson Post Office Parking Lot
5/6/2017      Davidson Elementary                             Summit Coffee, 128 S. Main Street, Davidson, NC
5/5/2017      Elizabeth Lane Elementary                  Elizabeth Lane Elementary, 121 Elizabeth Lane
5/12/2017    Elon Park Elementary                            Elon Park Elementary, 11425 Ardrey Kell Rd.,  Charlotte, NC
5/5/2017      Hickory Grove Elementary                  Hickory Grove Elementary, 6709 Pence Rd. Charlotte, NC
5/6/2017      Hidden Valley Elementary                   Residential Neighborhood, 5100 Snow White Lane
6/1/2017      Hornets Nest Elementary                     Hornets Nest Elementary, 6700 Beatties Ford Rd., Charlotte, NC
5/6/2017      Huntingtowne Farms Elementary    Charlotte Center City Polk Park, 105 N. Tyron Street, Charlotte, NC
6/9/2017      Lake Wylie Elementary                         Lake Wylie Elementary, 13620 Erwin Road
5/2/2017      Long Creek Elementary                         Long Creek Elementary, 9213 Beatties Ford Rd., Huntersville, NC
5/9/2017      McKee Road Elementary                       McKee Road Elementary, 4101 McKee Rd.
5/6/2017      Merry Oaks International                      CMPD – Eastway Division, 3505 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC
5/6/2017      Mountain Island Lake Academy         Mountain Island Lake Academy, 7905 Pleasant Grove Rd.
5/31/2017    Olde Providence Elementary               Olde Providence Elementary, 3800 Rea Rd.
5/4/2017      Park Road Montessori                            Park Road Montessori, 3701 Haven Drive, Charlotte, NC
5/5/2017      Parkside Elementary                               Parkside Elementary, 2945 Johnston-Oehler Rd.
5/4/2017      Paw Creek Elementary                           Paw Creek Elementary, 1300 Cathey Rd.
5/3/2017      Piney Grove Elementary                        Piney Road Elementary, 8801 Eaglewind Drive, Charlotte, NC
5/6/2017      Rama Road Elementary                         Rama Road Elementary, 1035 Rama Rd.
5/5/2017      Reedy Creek Elementary                       Reedy Creek Elementary, 10801 Plaza Road Ext., Charlotte, NC
5/6/2017      Reid Park Academy                                  CMPD – Westover Division, 2550 West Blvd., Charlotte, NC
5/4/2017      Selwyn Elementary                                  Selwyn Elementary, 2840 Colony Rd.
5/18/2017    Shamrock Gardens Elementary         Shamrock Gardens Elementary, 3301 Country Club Drive
5/6/2017      Starmount Academy                               Starmount Academy, 1600 Brookdale Ave.
5/6/2017      Sterling Elementary                                TBD
5/5/2017      Stoney Creek Elementary                      Stoney Creek Elementary, 14015 Mallard Roost Rd., Charlotte, NC
5/4/2017     Torrence Creek Elementary                  Torrence Creek Elementary, 14550 Ranson Rd., Huntersville NC
5/6/2017     Torrence Creek Elementary                  Residential Neighborhood, Cedarfield Greenway, Huntersville NC
5/6/2017     Trillium Springs Montessori                Trillium Springs Montessori, 9213 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC
5/10/2017   Tuckaseegee Elementary                       Tuckaseegee Elementary, 2028 Little Rock Rd., Charlotte, NC
5/6/2017     Tuckaseegee Elementary                       Tuckaseegee Elementary, 2028 Little Rock Rd., Charlotte, NC
5/6/2017     University Park Creative Arts              Bechtler Museum, 420 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC
5/13/2017   Winding Springs Elementary               Davis Lake Harris Teeter, 8445 Davis Lake Parkway, Charlotte, NC
5/5/2017     Windsor Park Elementary                     Windsor Park Elementary, 3910 Sudbury Rd., Charlotte, NC
5/2/2017     Winget Park Elementary                        Winget Park Elementary, 12235 Winget Rd., Charlotte, NC