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E2D Receives Donation of 13,000 Laptops from Honeywell

Charlotte’s Corporate leadership has truly transformed our community through its generosity and commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion, particularly through its profound and intentional work on digital inclusion. Honeywell, only 4 years since its headquarters moved to Charlotte in late 2018, has quickly stepped forward to the front lines of this work through its recent commitment to donate 13,000 laptops to E2D over the next several years. The value of these computers is over $5,000,000.

E2D, in conjunction with tremendous regional corporate support and with the leadership of the Center for Digital Equity, has placed over 30,000 laptops into homes since 2013. With Honeywell’s transformational leadership gift, E2D will be bridging the digital divide for at least another 40,000 citizens, as E2D computers are used by an average of 3.2 family members/home.

“We are so honored and grateful to our ‘Honeywell Heroes,’” says Pat Millen, E2D’s President and Co-Founder. “Everyone at Honeywell with whom we’ve worked on this gift has quickly recognized that a fully digitally included Charlotte Region is all about equity and greater opportunity. We are thrilled for this partnership and had such an amazing time celebrating this gift with the fans of Charlotte FC on Saturday.”

E2D is particularly grateful to Honeywell CTO - Sheila Jordan, VP for Communications – Bevin Maguire, and our tenacious digital inclusion Titan, Marcey Stone, who leads Honeywell’s Corporate Social Responsibility team. Without their leadership and that of dozens more, this incredible gift could never have occurred.

E2D looks forward to the work and distribution of Honeywell’s laptops and hopes that new sources of corporate technology will be inspired by such a meaningful donation.


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