​Tech Support Policy

E2D provides 3 months of technical support and repairs only for laptops provided by us.  Please call first as we may be able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone.  If not, we will schedule an appointment at our lab.

Tech Support: (980) 395-2646 or repairs@e-2-d.org.



E2D’s partnership with PCs for People provides affordable internet service to eligible participants.   

Internet hotspots with unlimited data are available via this link: pcsrefurbished.com

Purchase the modem (hotspot) and your choice of 3, 6, or 12 months of internet to begin service. Speed is 12-40 Mbps.  The list of required documents to prove eligibility and pricing are shown on their website.

Please note that this program is provided directly through PCs for People. E2D cannot process payments or make changes to client accounts.


Click here to see what digital broadband resources are available in your community.



Digital Navigators
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E2D proudly participates in Digital Navigators with our lab techs putting in hours on the 311 tech support hotline. The Digital Navigator service is designed to ensure that everyone in Mecklenburg County can find and connect with available digital inclusion resources. 

Digital Navigators help community members navigate to and through:

  • Signing up for affordable home broadband internet service 

  • Purchasing affordable technology 

  • Basic device and connectivity issues

  • Learning new digital skills 



We know the need is high and we are keeping a waiting list for all those interested. Once we are able to schedule a distribution, we will email details to everyone on the waiting list. Please check below for information on upcoming distributions! Please email us at info@e-2-d.org to have your name added to the waiting list, or check back here for more information about possible future distributions.

All individual distributions are arranged in advance with our distribution coordinator.  Please do NOT arrive at any E2D locations seeking a laptop without an appointment. You will not receive one. Appointments for individual distributions are needed only when we are not having a public distribution. Please see below for public distribution information.

Thank you and stay healthy!


​Upcoming E2D Distributions

Stay tuned for more info!

The price of a laptop is $80 (cash, money order, or credit card) and there is a limit of 2 laptops per family. Please note, the E2D program is for families with demonstrated need.

*Credit card transactions will incur a $4.00 fee PER laptop.*