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E2D, Inc. - Eliminate the Digital Divide has partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools since 2013, providing at-home access to technology for students in need.  E2D is dedicated to becoming a social catalyst that will provide better opportunities for upward mobility for as many student lives as possible. With this challenge in mind, E2D launched Re-Image CLT in January of 2017.

Re-Image CLT has a simple mission:  Positively transform student lives to help them obtain the tech skills necessary to perform successfully in the 21st Century Classroom and, ultimately, to advance to become 21st Century employees for the modern day workforce. 

Re-Image CLT is comprised of two main pillars:

  • E2D Computer Labs train and employs up to 12 students as computer technicians to refurbish and re-image decommissioned corporate laptops. These computers will be distributed to the 20,000+ CMS families that remain on the wrong side of the digital divide.

  • E2D Technology Academy (for Workforce Development and Digital Literacy Education) provides the school population with direct exposure to all sectors of the IT industry through expansive digital literacy education. Monthly programming and mentorship opportunities will be offered with members of Charlotte’s IT and corporate communities to engage students in areas such as software development, web design, systems analysis, networking, communications, information technology, information systems management, cyber-security, coding and financial technology.

The Re-Image CLT model creates a perfect ecosystem of sustainability. Student technicians have not only participated in E2D’s program to obtain their first-ever computers, but are now acquiring critical IT skills that will empower them to earn jobs making 2x the minimum wage...all while still in high school...building out the next set of computers for their classmates and beyond...creating their own pathways of opportunity and hopes for a brighter future.

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